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Dangal Pilipinas

National GBMT Network on HIV & AIDS

Dangal Pilipinas is a national coalition of 24 groups of gay and bisexual men, other men who have sex with men and transgenders (GBMT) all over the country. It was the result of several years of network-building and collaboration between and among community groups working in the areas of LGBT rights and sexual health. After a series of national consultations that started as early as 2009, the network was finally formed in October 2012.


  • Provide a national platform for GBMT CBOs to facilitate the networking and sharing of information and strategies 

  • Facilitate the capability-building of GBMT CBOs, especially on human rights, sexual health, and community development

  • Provide a national platform for GBMT CBOs to facilitate unities on issues affecting the community 

  • Engage public and private institutions and decision-makers that have influence in the welfare of Filipino GBMTs 

  • Advocate and educate the community and the broader public on sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual rights, and sexual health

  • Be a venue for collective action


  1. B-CHANGE Foundation

  2. Babaylanes

  3. Bahaghari Dasmarinas

  4. Batangas Barako

  5. Bisdak Pride

  6. Cavite Support Group

  7. Cebu Plus Association, Inc.

  8. Crossbreeds, Inc.

  9. GaYON Albay

  10. HIV and AIDS Support House

  11. INDIGO Bulacan

  12. IWAG Dabaw

  13. Katlo, Inc. 

  14. MCC Baguio

  15. Mindanao AIDS Advocates Association, Inc.

  16. Peer Educators Movement for Empowerment (Peer Ed ME PAMACQ)

  17. Pinoy Plus, Inc.


  19. STRAP Philippines

  20. The Love Yourself, Inc.

  21. TINGUG (Cagayan de Oro)

  22. TLF Share Collective, Inc.

  23. Transgender COLORS

  24. UP Babaylan

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